Carl Casper-The King of Cars

The Kruse Museum located in Auburn, Indiana holds a vast collection of custom-built cars by Carl Casper who lets his work speak for itself. 

 Carl Casper is a name that is synonymous with custom cars. Born in Flint, Michigan, Carl came from a working class family where the "automotive DNA ran deep".  After taking some classes in machine shop, physics, and mechanical drawing, Carl acquired the skills needed to build his first custom car at age 19.  In the 1950s, he entered his first car in the first big Michigan Hot Rod Association Coho Hall Show in Detroit, where his 1951 Chevey Styleline Deluxe,  "Exotic Empress" took best in show. From that win on, Carl was hooked. 


   Carl is pictured here as a high school student in 1958, posing with his "Empress". 


                       The newly restored "Empress" is pictured on the Kruse Auction Grounds in Auburn, Indiana                                       (now known as RM Sotheby's Auction Park). 



Through the years he built custom race cars, dragsters, and custom cars for Hollywood movie sets.  Pictured above is "The Unique Wheelstander" designed and built for Evel Knievel. 


Some of his collections are on loan to the Kruse Museum located right here in Auburn, Indiana.



             Carl is pictured here in 1991 working on one of the three Batmobiles he built for the movie.



Here is the original Batmobile built by Carl Casper's Hollywood Productions, Inc. Carl Casper stills owns but loans it for display at the Kruse Museum in Auburn, Indiana

                                                                                                                        Carl is doing a test run on the Batmobile with the front body panels removed. 



Pictured above is "The Ultra Rod" owned by Carl Casper on display at the Kruse Museum in Auburn, Indiana. 


The original K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider built and designed by Carl Casper. On Display at the Kruse Museum located in Auburn, Indiana. 

To quote Carl, “I chose Auburn because of its rich heritage and rich automotive history and also the vision that Dean Kruse has, as far as putting Auburn, Indiana, on the tourism map.” (Kpc News)




To see Carl Casper's displays, visit the Kruse Museums located here in Auburn, Indiana and visit our website to plan your trip. 

If you would like a chance to see Carl Casper this summer you can see him at "Back to the Bricks" in downtown Flint, Michigan, on Friday, August 17th and Saturday, August 18th. 


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