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Top 8: Indoor Activities for Kids in DeKalb County

Spring is right around the corner which means spring fever is in full effect. Outdoor activities may be limited but there are plenty of ways to have fun indoors in DeKalb County.  And remember, be sure to check out our Events Calendar for more…

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Weekend Update: Nov.23rd-25th

Happy Holidays! Here’s a list of events happening this weekend in DeKalb County. Don’t forget about shopping local when marking off your holiday shopping list!

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Veterans Day Parade and More Happening This Weekend in DeKalb County: Nov.-9th-11th

There is no shortage of events and things to do in DeKalb County, Indiana this winter but here is a quick guide for things to do this weekend. Also, don't forget to check out all the shops in DeKalb County when planning your holiday shopping!  

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John Dillinger, Hoosier Hoodlum

October 14th, 1933, is the anniversary of when John Dillinger’s gang robbed the Auburn Police Department, stealing ammunition, bullet-proof vests and a Thompson submachine gun.That same gun is now on display at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg…

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Garrett, Indiana and its Ties to America’s Railroads

DeKalb County, Indiana located in Northeast Indiana, has played a pretty significant role in America’s railway system. In fact, out of the nine communities in DeKalb, six of them have specific ties to the railroad. But Garrett, Indiana is truly…

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Visitors Guide to the Auburn Fall Auction and ACD Festival

Don't miss a minute of the ACTION and FUN during the festivities leading up to Labor Day. We've simplified the schedule for you based on your interests so you can make the best of the RM Auctions Auburn Fall, The Auburn Auction and the Auburn Cord…

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A $4,000,000 Piece of American Automotive History

Currently, there are only 9 of the original 12 Futurliners that still exist and the National Automotive and Truck Museum located here in Auburn, Indiana displays one of them.

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Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg-festival-parade-red-duesenberg Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg-festival-parade-red-duesenberg
You Must Do These 10 Things in DeKalb County in 2018

It's going to be a great year in DeKalb County and you aren't going to want to miss out! We are famous for our classic automobiles but with our award-winning wineries, chic boutiques, unique festivals and fantastic food options you don't have to…

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Logansport-Dog-Show-Auburn- Indiana Logansport-Dog-Show-Auburn- Indiana
Logansport Kennel Club Dog Show

This past weekend was the Logansport Kennel Club Dog Show which was held at the National Military History Center. Dogs of all shapes and sizes pranced and trotted their way around the ring to try and win the coveted prize of first place.

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