Classic City Center

Classic City Center

Enjoy Next Level Climbing, the area’s newest and most exciting indoor rock climbing gym located in the Classic City Center!

Climbing is a fun and exciting way to get in shape and be active!  Our climbing holds are made in the USA by ATOMIK CLIMBING HOLDS, an industry leader in quality and design.  Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for climbers of all ages and skill levels to train in the art of rock climbing.  Follow us   

Classic City Center is an athletic training center that provides an indoor soccer field, indoor rock climbing gym, dance studio, gymnastics/cheer/tumbling training gym, Bubble Soccer, and flag football. We are a 48,000 square foot facility in Waterloo, Indiana, just north of Auburn. We can host your next big event, whatever it may be from a small family birthday party, to a major community event. We have hosted a world renowned auto auction, wedding receptions, craft and antique shows, fundraising benefits, a battle of the bands, MMA and Ninja Warrior events! For more information please call the center or visit our website at



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    • 3375 County Road 427, Waterloo, IN, United States