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The Garrett Museum of Art is proud to present the artwork of Orie Shafer in his show, “American Heroes: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,” and a FREE Call for Entry: “Proud to Be an American.”

The museum's very own director, Jim Gabbard, will also have select photographs from his series “Italy and Ireland Unveiled” on display.


GMOA orie shafer


Orie Shafer's exhibit at GMoA, titled “American Heroes: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,” is a collection of his mixed media paintings which are a tribute to all Special Warfare military personnel, but in particular to our “American Heroes,” the United States Navy SEALS.

The exhibit is dedicated to his son, William Anthony Shafer, Commander United States Navy SEAL.  Commander Shafer received his Trident in 2002 and since then has been deployed to war zones 12 times and has been involved in combat during each deployment.  His numerous awards include two Bronze Stars.  Orie began producing these paintings during a very long period of time where he had not heard from his son and did not know where his missions had taken him and when he would contact his family.  Later it was revealed that Commander Shafer had cheated death on multiple occasions during several missions.  “Painting was the only way I could cope with the emotions that were overwhelming me,” Orie said of dealing with his son being sent in harm’s way time after time.

Orie Shafer is a Commander, USN, Retired.




Jim Gabbard's Italy





The photos on display represent images taken during recent trips to Italy and Ireland. With this series he has chosen to showcase the unique scenery, buildings, and art that can be viewed there.



Here are the upcoming exhibits scheduled for 2017.

Orie Shafer | Proud to Be an American
9/15/17 – 10/15/17

Kristina Contemporary Art
10/20/17 – 11/12/17

Christmas Show (Call for Entry)
11/17/17 – 12/17/17

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