DeKalb County Courthouse


Glass Dome – The dome and rotunda are spectacular; the Florentine glass dome is illuminated by skylights during the day and electric lights at night.

Mural Paintings – Two mural paintings, “Spirit of Progress” and “Spirit of Industry” are located on each side of the landing between the second and third stories. They are eighteen feet in width and twelve feet in height.

Soldier’s Monument – The obelisk in the center of the first floor contains plaques with the names of all DeKalb County soldiers killed in action.

Group Tours – Guided tours are available by request only, and must be scheduled two weeks in advance of visitation date.
Contact the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau at, 877-833-3282.

DeKalb County Indiana Historical Locations

veteran-memorialDeKalb County has several downtown Historical Districts.  The Downtown Auburn Historical District is composed mostly of the 19th and early 20th century commercial buildings, the Downtown Butler Historical District encompasses most of the town’s commercial buildings dating back to 1863, and the Downtown Garrett Historical District comprising residential, civic, commercial and religious structures most of which were built between 1880-1930.


Sechler's Pickles

picklesVisit Sechler's Pickles where a family tradition of pickle processing spans over 85 years.  Shop the rustic retail showroom with over 40 varieties of pickle products. Tours available.





Spencerville Covered Bridge

historical2Visit the 138 year old Spencerville Covered Bridge. Built in 1873, it is the only remaining  covered bridge in DeKalb County. It was placed on the National Historical Registry in 1981.



Carbaugh Jewelers

carbaugh-jewelersThe history of Carbaugh Jewelers dates back to 1901, making it a part of the downtown business district for 110 years. Walking into this unique store makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Old photographs and antique memorabilia lend an air of timeless beauty to the jewelry and watches that are displayed in the lovely preserved display cases.


108 East 7th St.
Auburn, IN 46706
PH: 260-925-3113


A Walk Through History

A Walk Through History

EL-Cord-EstateTake a walk back in time past the homes of Auburn’s pioneers and visionaries...

Included along this selfguided walking tour are the DeKalb County Courthouse; the E. L. Cord Estate who was president of the Auburn Automobile Company that designed and built the famous Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg automobiles; the home of Morris Eckhart whose family started the Eckhart Carriage Company in 1896; U.S. Congressman James T. Farley’s estate and the historic Eckhart Library to name a few. Each of the 44 locations was built during the first 30 years of the 20th Century and reflects the prosperity of the “Golden Age” of Auburn’s transportation heritage. This walking tour will surely enhance your visit to DeKalb County’s museums as you are transported to a time when Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs rolled down Auburn streets.


Contact the Visitors Bureau for a free brochure. PH: 877-833-3282

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