A Duesy of a Destination

DeKalb County is within Easy Driving Distance from:

Branson, Missouri 640 mi.
Chicago, Illinois 168 mi.
Cincinnati, Ohio 173 mi.
Cleveland, Ohio 197 mi.
Detroit, Michigan 140 mi.
Ft. Wayne, Indiana 20 mi.
Grand Rapids, Michigan 138 mi.
Indianapolis, Indiana 140 mi.
Louisville, Kentucky 264 mi.
St. Louis, Missouri 391 mi.
Toledo, Ohio 104 mi.


DeKalb County Airport
2710 County Rd 60 • Auburn, IN 46706 

Fort Wayne International Airport
3801 West Ferguson Rd. • Fort Wayne, IN 46809-3142


Amtrak - Indiana
The Lake Shore Limited provides daily service between Chicago and New York City; Serving 25 train stations with pickup in Waterloo here in DeKalb County. For ticket and schedule information amtrak.com