2020 Grant Guidelines

In order to have a more direct impact on driving tourism in DeKalb County, there have been modifications to our grant program beginning with the 2020 granting cycle.  It is the goal of the DCVB for organizations to invest creatively in new events or initiatives to drive new tourism. DCVB grants should be considered seed monies to try new things to lower the initial investment risk to partner organizations.


Major changes to the grant program include:


The first step in the grant application is to call or meet with DCVB staff to discuss the project

There is now no limit for each grant.  All request amounts will be considered. 2020 Grant program is an open cycle for the calendar year 2020. Post-event project reports are no longer required but may be requested by the DCVB. 

Grant restrictions for usage only in Advertising, promotions, and printing has been removed.  Grants can be in these categories but are not limited to these categories.  Again, if an applicant can show grant monies will be used to drive new tourism to DeKalb County, the grant will be considered regardless of category.


In addition to grants, the DCVB can also provide training and/or in-kind services of resources the DCVB may already have in order to enhance a tourism partner organization.  Please inquire with the Executive Director if the DCVB can assist.     


Brad McDaniel

Treasurer, DCVB

Chairman, DCVB Grant Committee

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