5 Things the Ford V-8 Museum Wants You to Know About the Movie ‘Ford Vs. Ferrari’!

5 Things the Early Ford V-8 Museum Wants You to Know About the Movie ‘Ford Vs. Ferrari’!

You’ve seen the trailer to this movie! Christian Bale and Matt Damon portray larger-than-life car heroes Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby in the battle for 1st place at Le Mans in 1966. A film like this brings car lovers, critiques, and action-movie buffs all together in the same place to feel the thrill of the auto-racing world. When the buzz started about this movie, we turned to our local experts for the real inside scoop.

These are 5 things you may not know about the famous battle between Ford Vs. Ferrari:


1. Ford endured years of failed attempts to build a winning race car at Le Mans against its opponent, Ferrari, after a botched attempt at a Ferrari buy-out in 1963.


2. Le Mans was not the first 24-hour race. It started in the United States! Packard introduced a 1,000-mile (29 hours and 53 minutes) endurance race at Grosse Point in 1904.

3. Henry Ford did not like corporate racing. It was something Ford tried in the early 1900s but stepped out of in 1913 due to a “compete with the best or get out” mentality. It was his Grandson Henry Ford II who became fixated on being the best at Le Mans.


4. 22 Drivers have died in and around the Le Mans competition. Ken Miles himself died only 2 months after Le Mans 66 while testing out the next Ford GT.

5. Don’t assume you know who wins Le Mans 66 after watching the trailer. If you haven’t seen it, we don’t want to be your spoiler, but there is an interesting twist in the real story of Le Mans 66.


Our invitation is this: Go see the movie if you have not already. Car culture thrives only because of those that support it. After you see the movie come and see us at the Early Ford V-8 Museum in Auburn, Indiana, to learn the real history of the early Ford and see many of early Ford models that the company built its empire on.

You will thank us later.

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