DeKalb-County-Courthouse-eastside DeKalb-County-Courthouse-eastside

DeKalb County Courthouse visit website 100 Main St #201, Auburn get directions 877-833-3282

The DeKalb County Courthouse dedicated on June 18, 1914, is a majestic building of Ionic Greek architecture with Indiana oolitic limestone and Vermont marble. Its most prized highlight is a spectacular Glass Dome.  The Florentine glass dome is wholly contained within the attic level and is illuminated by skylights during the day and electric lights at night.

Inside on the first floor you'll find a brass pendulum clock which is the master clock that operates the exterior pediment clocks and the individual clocks in each office and courtroom. The Soldier’s Monument, centered also on the first floor, contains plaques with the names of all DeKalb County soldiers killed in action. You'll be amazed at the two mural paintings, “Spirit of Progress” and “Spirit of Industry” which are located on each side of the landing between the second and third stories. They are eighteen feet in width and twelve feet in height.

Erected outside is an authentic cannon of the federal government, shipped from Watertown, Massachusetts and dedicated on Memorial Day of March 30, 1909.

Group Tours – Guided tours are available by request only, please schedule at least two weeks in advance of visitation date.